DEMOCRACY:  Our elected representatives are privy to privileged, nonpublic information. They use that information to make decisions that move whole markets. We’ve entrusted them to these positions of power with the belief that they’ll act in our best interests. We shouldn’t have to question whether they’re abusing their positions for their personal financial gain. But time and time again, they’ve given us reason to.

Congress’s insider trading problem is no secret. We’ve watched elected officials outperform the stock market and even make cash-grabs during national crises like pandemics and recessions. But for every huge financial gain they make from their trades, they suffer a colossal loss of the public’s trust.

Our representatives need to make decisions with the public’s — not their own portfolio’s — best interests in mind. Email your senators and demand a ban on congressional stock trading now.

Polls show that 70% to 80% of American voters support a ban on congressional stock trading. The will of the public needs to be heeded.

Right now, there are several bipartisan bills in Congress that could end congressional stock trading once and for all. But we need to put the pressure on our lawmakers — and they need to show us that our trust means something to them.

Message your senators now and demand that they cosponsor the ETHICS Act, a bill that could make a congressional stock trading ban a reality.