Boycotting is an important tool in our activist toolbox.  Let's be honest, though.  Almost any brand name you recognize is that well-known because of exploitation of some kind.  You can't make anything at a scale that is world-known without hurting people and/or the environment.  So we'll give you links to others' sites who are doing the work of keeping track of brands to boycott.  But we're also going to give you places to go where you can feel confident that your money is going to help those who care about our planet.  Commerce Not Capitalism!

Boycott Research Options

Boycott Zionism - Easy to use list with evidence of why to boycott.  

The Witness - UK based list of brands that support genocide.

BDNAASH - search engine to see if a brand supports genocide.

Ethical Consumer - A megalist of companies to avoid.

Watermelon - They also have an app for your phone!

Pro-Palestinian Businesses

Cherine Caftans - Moroccan traditional wear

Hirbawi - Kufiya factory in Palestine

Watan Worldwide - Muslim-based clothing & jewelry

Ayan Resources - Cultural representation online retailer

Hera Baby Co. - Women-owned. Bamboo baby clothing.

Zatoona Stitches - Palestinian-owned embroidery

Dignitii - Modest workout clothing

Nol Collective - Women's clothing

Ruuq - Hijab Bodysuits

Dar Collective - Cultural wear

House of Amiri - Ethical & sustainable clothes and goods

Azyaa Noor - Modest women's clothing

Yemen Wear - Cultural clothing

Pali Power - Cultural athletic wear

Ledressingdemoon - Palestinian thobes

La Farrah Boutique - Traditional / cultural women's dresses

The Little Bulbul - Arabic & Islamic goods

Olive & Heart - Palestinian candles

Sophology - Palestinian-owned wellness kits & organic honey

Crescent Moon - Palestinian-owned children's bookstore

Salaam Nutritionals - Gummy vitamins

Little Muslim Crafts - Muslim children's store

Sitti Soap Shop - Refugee-crafted soap

Vidamin - Organic vitamins

Other Socially Responsible Entities

Green America - Huge list of environmentally-friendly companies

Bank for Good - Find a more socially responsible bank.

Cooperatively-Owned Companies

Friends of Cool Cats

We eat their stuff!       

 Golden Root Turmeric



 Powell's Bookstore

More Books! 

Recycled Printer Cartridges & Paper

A Co-Op that makes games to change the world:

 Tesa Collective Games


Melyssa Makes Dope Stuff


Battat Glass

As heard on TSBS

Jensen Designs Dope Shirts

More Dope Clothes