FREEDOM OF THE PRESS: Without confidential sources, journalism wouldn’t be possible. Yet, both Democratic and Republican administrations have spied on journalists with the hopes of unmasking their sources. Such actions make a mockery of the First Amendment and threaten the ability of the free press to function as an actual check on government abuses of power.

Now there is bicameral, bipartisan legislation to address just that: The Protect Reporters from Exploitive State Spying (PRESS) Act.

Take Action!

With narrow exceptions in the case of terrorism or imminent violence, the PRESS Act would prohibit the government from forcing either journalists or telecom providers to turn over information that would identify a source or other communications created as a result of engaging in journalism.

Last session, the PRESS Act passed unanimously in the House. It’s been reintroduced and this time we are hoping it becomes law.

Write your members of Congress today and urge them to support this important legislation.