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🛑Tell EPA: Stop Supporting "Chemical Recycling" as a "Renewable" Fuel Source🌱🛢️
"Chemical recycling" (also known as “advanced recycling” or "molecular recycling") refers to a suite of processes including pyrolysis and gasification that use high heat and/or chemicals to turn plastic waste into fossil fuels and other feedstocks that are usually burned. No matter what you call it, making fuel from plastic is actually worse in many ways for the climate, our environment, and human health than simply burning fossil fuels. Unfortunately, the EPA has started a disturbing trend of supporting highly polluting "chemical recycling" projects through its Renewable Fuel Program Standard. But plastic is NOT a renewable fuel... Please join us in urging EPA Administrator Michael Regan to stop supporting "chemical recycling" by endorsing these polluting projects under the guise of "renewable" fuel sources. Add your name now. >>