ENVIRONMENT:  Burning wood pellets, also known as biomass or bioenergy, may seem like a green energy solution. But this is far from the truth. Burning wood pellets actually releases more carbon than coal, contributing to climate change and harming our forests. Yet, countries like the UK, Japan, and South Korea continue to provide billions in renewable energy subsidies to these companies.

At Green America, we believe in holding corporations accountable for their actions. That's why we're partnering with Dogwood Alliance and community activists to raise awareness about the destructive practices of Enviva, the world's largest producer of biomass wood pellets. Enviva's operations destroy 175,000 acres of Southern forests every year, releasing harmful pollutants into surrounding communities. It's time to demand change.

Join us in pressuring Enviva to take immediate action to preserve forests, protect communities, and engage in true climate solutions. Sign our petition urging Enviva to install fugitive dust control plans, implement best practices for truck operations, and take a number of other steps to stop destructive biomass operations.

Sign the petition here:  https://greenamerica.salsalabs.org/enviva/index.html 

via -Green America