PALESTINE: We, the undersigned, call on President Biden to demand and facilitate an immediate ceasefire. The Biden administration must also refrain from sending any more weapons to the Israeli government. 

We mourn for the Palestinian and Israeli civilians killed, and we continue to fight with everything we have for the living. 

There is no justification in international law for the targeting of civilians or the holding of civilian hostages. That was true when Hamas attacked Israeli civilians. We must apply that same standard to the Israeli military, as it subjects a captive population in Gaza to a massive aerial bombardment: targeting hospitals, using white phosphorus, and forcing 1.1 million people to flee south, while bombing both the designated evacuation routes and the southern Gaza strip. 

The Israeli government is threatening to commit genocide against Palestinians and denying their humanity. Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu asserted: “What we will do to our enemies will reverberate for generations.” The Israeli minister of defense called Palestinians “human animals” announced that the 16-year-long draconian siege on Gaza will now become a total closure, vowing, “No electricity, no food, no water, no fuel. Everything is closed.” There are over two million Palestinians in Gaza, half of whom are children. Without intervention, this catastrophe threatens to become unimaginably more devastating.

The unthinkable becomes acceptable when we deny people their humanity. We must fight to bring this devastating violence to an immediate end. 

President Biden: Stop sending the Israeli military more weapons. Facilitate an immediate ceasefire. Millions of lives depend on it.

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Via Jewish Voice For Peace