PALESTINE: How a story is told in history is most often determined by who has the power to tell it.

For many, Thanksgiving is a day of eating good food, feeling gratitude for loved ones, and maybe briefly remembering the story of “pilgrim and native unity” we were taught in school. However, we know the origins of the holiday are far from comforting.

In reality, Thanksgiving began as a celebration held by the colonizer governor of the Massachusetts Bay Colony after its men massacred and enslaved the local Pequot tribe in 1637. It was just one of the innumerable genocidal acts taken by European colonizers to forcibly seize land for themselves. But 400 years later, the lie persists. Why? Because far too many choose to ignore the truth lurking beneath the surface to ensure they are not inconvenienced. Many in power, and those benefiting from it, continue perpetuating a falsified story about the “beloved” holiday because it is a tool to maintain the status quo—one that will always prioritize colonial power over the will and needs of the people.
A statue of Christopher Columbus bloodied that says ''Indigenous Day of Mourning. Free The People, Free The Land''.

This control of the truth has been utilized for as long as any one group of people has oppressed another. For example, enslavers across the diaspora wove false narratives about the inhumanity of the Black and indigenous peoples they forced into slavery. Those narratives persist and impact us today, as we continue battling portrayals of our communities as dangerous, lazy, and undeserving of safety, respect and dignity. All despite our endless contributions to society that speak to our beautiful creativity, ingenuity, kindness, and limitless potential.

Now, those in power are attempting to manipulate us again—this time, into believing that the people of Palestine are less human than we are, that they are somehow deserving of the horrific genocidal acts being inflicted on them by the Israeli government with U.S. weapons and support.

Our Palestinian siblings do not have the luxury of waiting for the world to uncover the “real story” of what is happening to them. They need us to be diligent in our pursuit of the truth. We have the power to speak up now, and to aid in the fight to end the annihilation of yet another indigenous people. . We have the power to fight back for the people who have inhabited, cared for, and loved the land of Palestine for thousands of years and we’re calling on you to do the same.


On yesterday's National Day of Mourning as well as every day, we remember and honor all indigenous people across the globe who have been decimated or displaced by the violent hand of colonialism. We remember the Trail of Tears. We remember the Nakba. We remember the more than 11,000 Palestinians, including over 6,000 children, whom we’ve already lost in the cruelest of ways. We remember our own ancestors, invaded or ripped from their homelands and enslaved. Their memory guides us today as we refuse to allow the erasure of Palestinians’ humanity.

We will not allow the genocide of indigenous people to be ignored any longer. For all of us, and all those who came before us, we demand a FREE PALESTINE!


The voices in support of a ceasefire are getting louder and harder for politicians to ignore. We need an immediate and permanent ceasefire. Help us turn the volume all the way up! Keep contacting your representatives to tell them that you demand a CEASEFIRE NOW!

Adapted from The Movement for Black Lives