FOOD:  Industrial agriculture’s reliance on monocropping and overuse of highly hazardous pesticides and fertilizers contributes to topsoil depletion, biodiversity loss, water pollution, the climate crisis, and human illness.

Green Giant's parent company – B&G Foods – is a major food manufacturer, owning other iconic brands such as Cream of Wheat, Ortega, and Spice Islands. As a major food manufacturer, B&G Foods, has the power to drive adoption of regenerative agriculture – a holistic approach that rebuilds soil health, sequesters carbon, increases yields sustainably, reduces pollution, and mitigates climate change.

But, unlike many large agricultural companies, B&G is not adopting regenerative practices. The company is failing to act on harmful pesticides that endanger consumers, farmers and farmworkers, agricultural communities, and pollinators.

Tell B&G Foods: Clean up your Crops

Join Green America in calling on B&G Foods to transition its entire supply chain from pesticides and dead dirt to soils that restore the earth, using regenerative agricultural practices, including cover-cropping, no-till farming, and crop rotation. And to implement integrated pest management while phasing out all highly hazardous pesticides – including glyphosate – for the health of consumers, farmworkers, communities, and ecosystems.

As You Sow's 2023 Pesticides in the Pantry report benchmarks major food manufacturers on their adoption of practices to measure and mitigate risks related to the use of synthetic pesticides in agricultural supply chains. B&G Foods scored only 1 out of 27 possible points, receiving an "F" score.

Tell B&G Foods: Go regenerative, eliminate highly hazardous pesticides, and lead the transition to climate-friendly agriculture now.

Via - Green America