YEMEN:  Israel murdered over 24,000 Gazans during 104 days of bombing, but the US decided that’s not enough death and destruction. On January 12 the US launched 100 missiles at Yemen in response to Yemen’s blockade of commercial shipping to Israel – an attempt to end the genocide in Gaza!

👉 Tell the Biden Administration: Hands off Yemen! Take the Houthis in Yemen OFF the Specially Designated Global Terrorist list!

Both Yemen and the US are obligated by the UN’s Genocide Convention to prevent and punish genocide. Instead the US is using its power to punish Yemen for fulfilling these obligations. The Houthis in Yemen were designated as a Foreign Terrorist Organization by the Trump Administration to block aid from entering Yemen. Biden removed the Houthis from the terrorist list in 2021 in an attempt to reverse Trump’s bad Yemen policy – now the Biden Administration just added the Houthis to the Specially Designated Global Terrorist (SDGT) list! This will block aid agencies from distributing much needed aid to Houthi controlled areas, which is 70% of the Yemeni population – 22 MILLION PEOPLE! This policy will only kill innocent Yemenis and is a huge escalation towards a regional conflict!

👉 Sign our petition to the Biden Administration!

This moment of escalation demands immediate and constant action. We’ve been hard at work for the last week. We had an emergency protest outside the White House right after the news broke that Biden was bombing Yemen. Last Saturday, our CODEPINK contingent descended on Washington with over 400,000 people to demand a ceasefire in Gaza. Immediately following the march we took to the White House again and took Biden’s atrocities to his doorstep, displaying hundreds of bloody baby dolls telling him the blood of Palestinian children was on his hands. 

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