PALESTINE: On the same day that the World Court supported South Africa’s claims that Israel may be committing genocide against Palestinians in Gaza, the Biden administration made the devastating announcement that it would suspend U.S. funding to UNRWA.

The Israeli government’s apartheid policies have long ensured Palestinian dependence on UNRWA—the only UN entity dedicated to Palestine, as well as the largest single provider of aid to Palestinians in Gaza. Now, the U.S. government is cutting all funding to the only source of aid for millions of people.
Email Congress now to restore aid to Palestinians:
As the largest funder of UNRWA, the Biden administration’s decision to cut funding to the organization is yet another deliberate act to aid the Israeli government’s systematic killing of Palestinians in Gaza.
UNRWA officials stated that without US funding, they’d be forced to cease operations by the end of February. This would have catastrophic consequences for Palestinians already struggling to survive the Israeli government’s genocide and deliberate deprivation of essential resources. Right now, as the result of the deprivation of food, water and medicine, over 700,000 Palestinians are sick with preventable illnesses that will become deadly if they aren’t treated. Over 1 million Palestinians in Gaza are already starving, and all 2 million will be at risk of famine. Their deaths and tremendous suffering are entirely preventable, if UNRWA’s funding is reinstated.
This is collective punishment — a war crime — and it is enabling Israel’s unfolding genocide. That’s why we’re channeling our collective outrage into action. Head to the link in our bio to write to Congress now. Tell them to demand that the Biden administration immediately reverse this horrifying decision that will result in even more Palestinian death.