CLIMATE CHANGE: In 2015, 21 young Americans filed a constitutional climate lawsuit against the U.S: Juliana v. United States. Juliana is America’s climate case—asserting that the Federal government’s actions that knowingly cause climate change violate all of our constitutional rights to life, liberty, and property.

In the nearly nine years since the case was filed, the DOJ has made twenty-two attempts to kill Juliana and silence the Juliana youth. No other case in history has faced this kind of government persecution.

NOW, the Juliana youth have to fight to be heard once more and it’s on all of us to rally around them.


Just weeks ago, the Juliana 21 were headed to trial. But now, the DOJ is abusing emergency government powers to rip the case out of the normal legal process. Out of 40,000+ cases in front of the DOJ, these extreme legal tactics are only being used against ONE case: Juliana. The DOJ will try anything to stop America’s youth from protecting all of our futures.

If the DOJ succeeds, the Juliana youth won’t be heard in open court. If we succeed, the Juliana 21 will go to trial and they will win—and force the United States, the BIGGEST contributor to climate change in the world, to make systemic change and phase out fossil fuels. President Biden and the DOJ have a matter of weeks to pull back their attack.

You can help us—your voice is needed NOW.

Tell the Biden Administration and the DOJ: We demand the Juliana 21 be heard at trial. The People vs. Fossil Fuels coalition, in coordination with Our Children’s Trust, is once again joining the Juliana youth by hosting an action to directly email them. 


Via - People vs Fossil Fuels