Q:  Who runs Cool Cats for Change?

A:  Cool Cats for Change is a volunteer-run effort to create a resource people can use to change the world for the better.  We're part of the Stuart Bedasso juggernaut.

Q:  Will the actions posted here fix everything?  

A:  Nope.  These actions are just one way to weaken the hold the elites have on our society.  That's why there are other resources here to do things such as direct lobbying, attending rallies, committing acts of civil disobedience, and more.  

Q:  How do you decide which actions to share?

A:  We are constantly looking for new organizations and actions to spread the news about.  We subscribe to a number of email lists and follow orgs on social media.

Q:  It looks like you're just focused on the United States.  What's up with that?

A:  We see the United States (our home country) as the biggest threat to human existence.  We do share actions on issues in other countries when it feels right.  Feel free to share actions that involve other countries with us.

Q:  You're just a bunch of woke liberals trying to indoctrinate our children.

A:  First of all, that's not a question.  Second, if you need to find a word to describe us, we'll go with humanist.  

Q:  Do you ask for money?

A:  The only time we'll ever do anything that's connected to money is sharing an action that asks for support for others who are literally in the streets participating in direct action.  We will not share other orgs calls for donations.  You can financially support us by buying books from the links we've posted around the website.