WAGE THEFT: Increasingly, companies are branding themselves as “eco-friendly”, “sustainable”, and “woke”.

This is a testament to the growing power of consumers who are voting their dollars for people and the planet.

Specialized, the California-based cycling company, likes to position itself as a green company, but there is nothing green about the fact that workers who make Specialized’s bike jerseys and sweaters are being cheated out of wages.

Tell Specialized: Pay workers the wages they are owed.

On the outskirts of El Salvador’s capital, more than 842 former employees of the APS factory sustained their families by producing goods for Specialized and other brands until the factory abruptly closed down in August 2022.

Now these workers are owed over $2.1 million USD for work they completed.

Specialized says, “We promote human rights in our offices and distribution centers, in our supply chain and in our rider communities.”

We now call on Specialized to live up to the spirit of its company’s Code of Conduct by making sure that the violations that occurred at its supplier factory in El Salvador are fully remedied.


via - Green America