FOSSIL FUELS: Under President Biden, the U.S. has become the biggest exporter of fracked gas, or LNG, in the world. The Biden administration is currently poised to approve even more oil and gas export projects across the Gulf Coast that would cause disastrous levels of fossil fuel pollution that is deadly to our communities, ecosystems, and climate.

Join us in calling on President Biden and the Department of Energy to stop the biggest build-out of fossil fuels in US history: the construction of 20+ new fracked gas (LNG) export facilities that could add the equivalent emissions of 675 coal-fired power plants.

Just one of these export facilities, Calcasieu Pass 2, or CP2, would cause 20X as much fossil fuel pollution as the Willow Oil Drilling Project in Alaska.

These facilities are purposefully concentrated in low-income communities and communities of color across the Gulf, exposing these communities to toxic pollution that causes cancer, asthma, and heart disease. Exporting oil and gas products is also shown to be driving up energy prices for American households, putting more of a burden on working-class families.

We need to send a strong message to the Biden administration – the expansion of fossil fuel infrastructure in the Gulf Coast is UNACCEPTABLE.  We will not allow the Gulf Coast to be sacrificed so Big Oil & Gas can continue to profit off of destroying our planet.

To help, sign this petition calling on President Biden and the Department of Energy to stop CP2 and ALL oil and gas export projects slated for approval. 

via- People vs. Fossil Fuels