GENOCIDE: The Sanctions Kill Campaign accuses the Biden administration with being an accomplice in crimes against humanity by aiding genocide in Gaza. This is in violation of the International Court of Justice (ICJ). The ICJ, also known as the World Court, called for the end of Israel’s genocidal killing of civilians and blockade of food, water, medicines and fuel to Gaza.

The immediate response of the Biden Administration to the World Court ruling was to do the opposite. Biden embraced Israel’s unsubstantiated charges against United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) and cut off funding to that organization which provides essential aid to Palestinian refugees in Gaza, the West Bank, Lebanon, Jordan, and Syria. Biden has ominously expanded Israel’s attack on Gaza by bombing Iraq, Syria and Yemen. These bombings are illegal, unconstitutional and a violation of US laws and the UN Charter.


We call on the US to immediately:

1. Suspend all weapons and financial transfers to Israel. Israel is bombing Rafah, the last designated safe zone, where 1.5 millions forcibly displaced Palestinian are sheltering. Israel continues to bomb UN buildings, schools, and hospitals while severely restricting life-essential aid. The US is complicit in the genocide, partnering with Israel by supplying military equipment, intelligence and financial support. The US is deploying an armada of warships in the area and giving unlimited diplomatic cover to the genocide.

2. Restore funding for UNRWA. The United Nations Relief and Works Agency has provided critical aid, education, and health care to Palestinian refugees in Gaza since 1950. It is by far the biggest and most essential organization helping to sustain life for millions of Palestinian refugees in the tiny concentration camp called Gaza. On the same day as the ICJ decision, the Israeli government accused nine (out of 30,000 total) UNRWA employees of participating in the October 7 attack. Although Israel vetted the UNRWA staff list in March 2023, and with no evidence of the accusations provided, the US immediately suspended financial contributions to UNRWA, putting their life-sustaining aid in jeopardy.

3. Stop attacking Yemen, Iraq and Syria. The Ansar Allah organization in Yemen has imposed a blockade of the Red Sea passage for ships heading to Israel until Israel ends its genocidal destruction in Gaza. Despite the fact that there have been no fatalities caused by Ansar Allah, the US and UK have attacked Yemen and killed dozens. Meanwhile in Syria and Iraq, the US military bases have come under attack because of popular outrage over the ongoing genocide. Instead of withdrawing the unwanted bases, the US has escalated the conflict with missile attacks in Iraq and Syria in violation of international law and the US constitution. The US is pouring gas on the fire and risking regional conflagration.

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