MILITARISM: A world where our resources are channeled towards fostering peace, bolstering education, enhancing healthcare, and tackling the climate crisis can only become a reality if we cut Pentagon spending.

The choice is clear: we can continue down the path of militarization or we can choose a new direction that values peace and prosperity for all.

As President Biden prepares the upcoming fiscal year's budget, we have an opportunity to influence our nation's spending priorities. Budgets reflect our values, and it's time we advocate for a significant reduction in Pentagon funding.

We must seize this moment to send a powerful message to the White House: More weapons and war are not the way forward.

Let's invest in solutions that build rather than destroy. Call on President Biden to cut the Pentagon budget.


True security lies in stable communities, access to healthcare, and a livable planet, not in the number of missiles we stockpile.

The U.S. strategy of allocating an overwhelming portion of our budget to the Pentagon year after year perpetuates a cycle of violence and diverts critical funds from essential human services.

By reallocating Pentagon funds towards domestic and global challenges, we can embark on a new path that truly secures peace and well-being for our communities and the world at large.

Let’s keep pushing for a future where our resources nurture peace and prosperity, not conflict and division.

Tell President Biden to invest in human needs and cut the Pentagon budget now.

Let’s keep pushing for change.


Via - Take it Back