PROTECT WHISTLEBLOWERS:  Eleven years ago Americans learned the dirty secrets of the NSA’s illegal surveillance of US citizens – thanks to a courageous whistleblower, Edward Snowden.


Yet, because of the anti-democratic, free-speech-killing Espionage Act, Snowden is stuck in exile, unable to come home.

Specifically, the amendment:

  • Requires the government prove specific intent to injure the United States or aid a foreign power (i.e. actual espionage)
  • Requires that the information exposed was actually properly classified
  • Permits a defendant charged under the Espionage Act  to testify as to their purpose for disclosing the information
  • Creates a public interest defense, including for those seeking to alert the public to war crimes, human rights abuses, and violations of constitutional rights.

Additionally, the amendment would undermine the government’s effort to prosecute Julian Assange - or any future publisher or journalist - under the Espionage Act by excluding journalists, publishers, and members of the general public from its jurisdiction.


Take Action: Tell your Representative to co-sponsor and support this amendment!