Thanks to consumers like you, our Hang Up on Fossil Fuels campaign has pushed Verizon, T-Mobile, and AT&T to make progress on switching to renewable energy. However, more work is needed to green the communications sector that we rely on every day. This year, we expanded our efforts to include Charter Communications, Lumen Technology, Comcast, Cable One Inc, Altice USA, Frontier, and DISH.

Collectively, these 10 companies have nearly 600 million customers and $474 billion in revenues, yet they contribute significantly to global greenhouse gas emissions and consume enormous amounts of electricity from fossil fuels each year.

These companies need to move to 100% renewable energy while ensuring energy justice and supply chain integrity. The communities most harmed by fossil fuels must benefit the most from clean energy, and workers mining rare earth minerals must be protected.

Tell them to switch to 100% clean energy and ensure energy equity.