TRANS RIGHTS:  This Pride Month, we’re asking Congress to pass the Trans Bill of Rights to protect the health, safety, and freedom of trans people in this country.

In recent years, we have seen unacceptable and evil displays of hatred towards the LGBTQIA+ community, especially transgender folks. And that hatred has even come in the form of anti-trans legislation that directly threatens the safety of the transgender community.

The Trans Bill of Rights was proposed by Senator Ed Markey and Representative Pramila Jayapal & would combat attacks against the transgender community by codifying the rights of transgender and nonbinary individuals across the country, expanding gender-affirming health care, investing in mental health services for the community, and protect the most vulnerable in the community from violence.

Rights are more than just words on paper. They’re an obligation, from our government and our elected leaders to us—and the transgender community needs and deserves to have their health, safety, and freedoms protected.

Sign the petition today and urge Congress to pass the Trans Bill of Rights this Pride Month!